Truck is in really good shape for a ’76.

Engine ran perfectly, started every time, and crank and bearings show
absolutely no wear! Head gasket failed, so needs new gaskets.

Clutch, pressure plate and throw-out are all in good


Overall, this truck is a real looker and sounds
amazing, and every time I take it out, I get looks, waves, thumbs-up and
comments about how awesome it is.


I love this truck and have so much ($50K parts & labor) into it, including
purchase price of $23K, but now I am starting a new business and would like to
put the value of the truck into the business instead of completing the resto, which is 90% done.


1.      NEW custom insulated
aluminum A.R.E. CAP ($6,015) with 3 doors, sliding front window, and roof rack

2.      All u-joints

3.      Front & rear drive
shafts and yolks

4.      Rear drive shaft bearing

5.      Re-built rear-end –
everything is new but the tubes and differential housing

6.      5 New Aluminum Wheel Rims
and Tires

7.      Gas Tank

8.      Ignition System

9.      Brakes Shoes and Discs
& 1 Caliper

10.   Shocks and Steering

11.   Gas Tank Solenoid

12.   Air Cleaner

13.   Head Lights

14.   Cab Lights

15.   New front hubs

16.   Front axle seals

17.   Dual exhaust complete

18.   Front wheel bearings

19.   Trailer light connector

20.   Ball joints

21.   Transmission seal

22.   Passenger side truck bed
quarter panel

23.   Glove Box & Door

24.   Front fender splash

25.   Body mounts

26.   Step tubes and hitch

27.   Door mirrors

28.   Windshield Washer

29.   Instrument panel cluster

30.   Bench seat console

31.   Brake booster &
master cylinder

32.   Rear Main Bearing Seal

33.   Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
& Bolts

34.   Stuff I’ve forgotten…

original packaging):

1.      Front coil springs

2.      4 spring plate U-bolts

3.      Radiator

4.      Power Steering Pump

5.      Alternator

6.      Water Pump

7.      Engine Temp/Alternator
Gauge set for Instrument Panel Cluster

8.      Speedo Cable

9.      Engine Gasket Set

10.   Starter

11.   Etc…


1.      Heavier duty gas-cylinders for cap rear door

2.      New gauges (included) installed

3.      Minor Rust Repair

4.      Better Ground to Cab Roof Lights

5.      Back-up Camera Sealant
Around Lens


1.     If you are a planning to
do more work on the truck you could spend some money making the engine
compartment look pretty, but nothing is wrong mechanically under the hood other
than the head gaskets.

2.      Of course, if you want to
do an off-frame resto, then, this is the perfect ruck to do it to, since so
many new parts have been installed.

3.      Door parts – you can get

4.      Undercoating if you plan
to run the truck in winter.

5.      Front Grill Outer Trim is
slightly dented above the driver’s side headlight you can get here:

The engine runs great and I have updated many parts on it since this image was taken. It now has chrome edelbrock valve covers and air cleaner. I am repairing the leaking intake manifold, and have many new parts that will make the engine compartment look a lot newer.