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There has never been a beehive that can do what the Fortress Beehive can do:

  1. The Fortress Beehive is heated. It has two 50-watt heaters and a thermostat that will maintain the brood box at 95-degrees, or 35-degrees – your choice.
  2. The Fortress Beehive is naturally ventilated at a rate that fits your environment. The Combination Box – Ventilation Control; Liquid and Solid Feeder Box; Hive Volume Baffle – is a box with the same horizontal dimensions as the standard 10-frame Langstroth-style box, but it differs in that it is 3-1/2 inches tall, high enough so that the “round rapid feeders” fit precisely in place, and the extra hole in the bottom adjacent to the round feeder provides a trickle of upward ventilation. Also, fondant can be fed to bees in the Feeder Box mode. The Combination Box also serves as a Ventilation Box with a 5-watt solar powered fan when installed at the top of the Fortress Beehive. Moreover, the Combination Box serves as a Hive Volume Baffle, meaning, it can be used in conjunction with the Upper Screen so the number of frame boxes the colony has access to can be limited to match the number of bees, so swarming can be avoided and heating can be maximized.
  3. The Fortress Beehive comes with or without a Foundation. The Foundation is 3 things in 1. It is an Anchor that holds the frame boxes to the earth so that nothing in nature can knock the hive over. It is a 12” hive stand. The Foundation includes a Moat that prevents all crawling insects from getting into the hive, including ants and hive beetles.
  4. The Fortress Beehive is a Varroa Mite Killer! The Lower Screen inside the Fortress Vestibule allows for automatic collection and separation of the colony’s waste, including displaced varroa destructor mites. The Fortress lets you abandon bee-murder alcohol wash testing in order to determine if your colony is infested – simply count the number of mites that have fallen into the Vestibule pan, and raise the temperature in the hive according to mite-killing instructions, and most of the mites in the hive will be killed.
  5. The Fortress Beehive is bear-proof, no matter the bear species.
  6. The Fortress Beehive is solar-powered or utility-powered.
  7. The Fortress Beehive is virtually thief-proof.
  8. The Fortress Beehive can save a diminished colony and rapidly increase its numbers by setting the brood box temperature to the optimum setting so the ‘inside’ bees can focus on housekeeping and nursing, and the foragers can go out and about their business and be relieved of their queen/brood-clustering monotony, so she and her brood’s temperature are maintained without the help of the workers.
  9. The Fortress Beehive is impervious to damage, since it is comprised of 100% anti-bacterial stainless-steel, mostly 1/8” thick.
  10. The Fortress Beehive is equipped with Side Shields that are black on one side – to attract the Sun’s energy, and white on the other side – to deflect the Sun’s energy.
  11. The Fortress Beehive is more easily serviced, since it includes an Upper Screen, which isolates the colony right where you want them, so you can work the hive with little protection, most of the time. All you need is a smoker! Lose the suit!
  12. The Fortress Beehive’s ventilation rate is infinitely adjustable, which reminds me of Goldi Locks and The Three Bears, where she settles for everything that is “just right”. Using the onboard solar-powered fan and Combination Box, negative draft through the hive can be maintained at the rate the beekeeper deems optimal, so that humidity and C02 can be exhausted out the Roof vents.
  13. The Fortress Beehive comes with an optional Hive Jacket, which provides an R-20 insulation value to 95% of the hive. This means, that even if you buy a Fortress that is unheated, a Hive Jacket will protect a healthy colony from dying due to extreme low temperatures in winter. The 3-peice Hive Jacket is water-proof and virtually indestructible, since it is coated with Line-X truck bed liner.
  14. The Fortress Beehive includes hardwood boxes that have a very low dimensional change from humidity and temperature, which means that all hive components are precisely engineered so that they all fit together harmoniously, like a high-quality human-home.
  15. No rain or snow can ever get into the Fortress Beehive. The Entrance/Exit Slots are protected by an Awning and the Take-off/Landing Board, which both slope downward toward the earth, where water always flows down and away from the Entrance/Exit Slots; not up.
  16. The Fortress Beehive is the most reliable beehive in preventing Murder Hornets from entering the brood boxes.
  17. Speaking of disallowing access to hive boxes by large winged buzzers, the Bee Fortress Queen Excluder is made of stainless-steel and can easily be placed at any point in the hive stack. The Fortress Queen Excluder is kinder and gentler to worker bees, by design, so the workers are not damaged while passing through, all the while, the queen is denied access to supers.
  18.  The Langstroth hive can never match the beautiful craftsmanship of the Fortress Beehive. With a choice of sapele, oak and black locust hardwoods, the Fortress Beehive utilizes sustainable hardwoods with grain of astonishing durability and attractiveness. Dimensional changes due to heat and moisture content of wood is kept at a minimum with hardwoods; pine hive components, while optimum affordability, is the worst material in terms of dimensional change outside in all weather conditions for bee hives.
  19. Without the Bee Fortress Foundation, a modern bee hive can’t easily and readably be secured in one place, so virtually nothing can knock it over.
  20. The Fortress Vestibule is way more functional than the Langstroth bottom board: it raises the hive up off the ground so the Entrance/Exit Slot is 7-1/2” above the ground, and when mounted on the Foundation, is 19-1/2” above the ground – this keeps rain/mud splash away from the bees’ entrance and exit; the stainless-steel Vestibule allows a hive to be professionally, safely heated for the first time ever, and no wooden hive can ever be safely heated without a metal surrounding; the Vestibule has a thermometer so the inside temperature can be seen at a glance; the Vestibule allows a wooden hive atop it to be held together with ratchet straps or Lock Straps, and when mounted on the Foundation can be secured to the ground or wooden or concrete base.
  21. No Langstroth bee hive can be automatically and properly vented by design and accessories to a Langstroth cannot automatically and reliably drain condensate from the hive – only the Fortress Roof can do this.
  22. No Langstroth bee hive has Corner Guards that prevent the hive boxes from twisting and becoming mis-aligned or dis-lodged, and prevents bears from chewing on the corners.
  23. No modern bee hive has black/and/or/white stainless-steel hive box shields that protect the wood from weather, bear claws, UV degradation and solar heat management.
  24. Langstroth bee hives require a separate landing board, whereas, the Bee Fortress Vestibule incorporates a Take-off/Landing Board and Awning the protect the Entrance/Exit Slot.
  25. No modern bee hive can utilize locks to prevent tampering or theft of the hive or its contents; only the Fortress Beehive can do this.

To increase entry potential into the Bee Fortress product line, we’ve made all of the elements of the Fortress Beehive available to those with modern Langstroth beehives, which are designed to increase its effectiveness, so that it can become a better home for honey bees and make beekeeping for the beekeeper easier and more enjoyable.

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