1976 Jeep CJ7 For Sale

1976 Jeep CJ-7

Here’s what they have to say about the ’76 Jeep CJ-7:


Here’s the similarities and differences between the description of that black CJ-7 and the one that I have for sale:

My ’76 CJ likely came with a 304 CI V-8, but someone replaced it with a AMC 360 CI with headers and coupled with a GM TH400 Hydramatic – both once belonging to a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Links to drivetrain history & specs:

Engine – https://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/engines/about/amc/amc-v8/

Transmission – https://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/transmissions/automatic/th400/

Transfer Case – https://www.novak-adapt.com/catalog/transfer-case-parts/dana-300-parts

Soft Top – https://www.bestop.com/products/supertop-classic-squareback-soft-top-jeep-1976-1986-cj7-1987-1995-wrangler-yj/

Bikini Top – https://www.bestop.com/products/traditional-bikini-top-jeep-1976-1986-cj7-1981-1985-scrambler-cj8-1987-1991-wrangler-yj/

Front Seats – https://corbeau.com/lg1/

Back Seat – https://corbeau.com/safari/

Axles – AMC 20 rear axle and a Dana 30 front axle

Gauges – https://www.autometer.com/5-quad-ga-fuel-level-0-90-ohm-antique-beige.html; https://www.autometer.com/2-tach-7-000-rpm-elec-antique-beige.html; https://www.autometer.com/3-3-8-speedo-120-mph-lcd-elec-antique-beige.html

Carb – https://www.edelbrock.com/performer-series-600-cfm-carburetor-with-electric-choke-in-satin-non-egr-1406.html

Intake Manifold – https://www.edelbrock.com/rpm-air-gap-amc-304-360-401-intake-manifold-7531.html

Distributor – https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-850310/make/american-motors/year/1976

Camshaft – https://www.edelbrock.com/performer-plus-camshaft-kit-for-amc-343-401-v8-7132.html

Work I’ve done:

I had the engine repaired when the distributor gear failed to get lubed, and had a new cam and timing chain installed, as well as new water pump. I bought new headers and had them professionally installed with 100% new exhaust. I had the transmission rebuilt, and replaced the Quadratec transfer case with a rebuilt Dana 300. New adapter from TH400 to Dana 300. I replaced the head gaskets, intake manifold and gaskets, carburetor, distributor & coil, alternator, fuel pump and radiator. I replaced the steering column and the steering shaft. I replaced the heavy-duty springs with new light-duty springs for a softer ride, and replaced the 33” tires and rims with 5 complete wheels, lug nuts and Cooper 31” tires. Both rear axles are new. Both drive shafts and all U-Joints are new. I replaced all seats and soft top. Also has bikini top. I re-wired 98% of the former wiring and customized the dash to accept new Autometer gauges, switches and new steering column. Had the dash coated with LineX truck bed-liner. I replaced wipers, linkage and motor. I replaced all axle seals.

There is virtually no rust on this Jeep, since it is from Florida, where it was quasi-restored and newly painted. I never take this Jeep out when there is salt on the roads, but I did drive it this winter on nice days. It doesn’t like to start at -15 degrees. It’s a blast to drive it with the windshield strapped to the hood in summer! This is my favorite time to drive it. The Jeep runs and sounds great!

This is what the Jeep still needs for repairs:

The Quad (Temp., Fuel, Volts and Oil) gauge is not working correctly (it’s off on all readings) and I suspect it is not a high-quality product, so I would replace it if I were to keep the Jeep.

The paint around “Jeep” on the tailgate has bubbled up and needs to be fixed.

There is 1 rubber body bumper missing on the front to separate the hood from the metal supporting the radiator.

The heater fan air hose is missing, but this doesn’t affect heat or defrost.

What else the Jeep needs: Nothing. This Jeep is more new than otherwise, and is in exceptionally good condition.

I have over $50K into this Jeep and hate to sell it, but I am committed more to my 1976 Ford F150, which I have even more into.