Complete “The Varroa Destructor” – Mite-Killing System w/o Chemicals

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    1. Foundation Assembly less Moat w/Cover, w/(2) Strap Rings
    2. Heat Box w/(2) Inlet Framed Screens and Twin Return Air Ports, (2) 50-Watt Electric Heaters, Pan and Lower Screen
    3. The Varroa Destructor Control Box w/Timer and Digital Thermostat
    4. 120-volt AC 60 Hz to USB Power Adaptor
    5. Upper Screen
    6. Sapele Hardwood Combination Box w/6” Holes
    7. Ventilation Fan Assembly
    8. (1) Twin Supply Air Boot
    9. (2) 3” x 6-foot Insulated Mylar Re-circulation Ducts
    10. (4) 3” Duct Clamps

    “The Varroa Destructor” Coming Soon! Price: TBD; Shipping extra based on Zip Code