Fan Assembly w/10-watt Solar Panel


The Bee Fortress Fan Assembly can be used on the Fortress Beehive and the Langstroth hive, with a Fortress Roof. The Fan Assembly uses a 5-watt multi-speed fan that is powered with a 10-watt solar panel that plugs into a USB connector on the side of the Roof. When the sun isn’t out, the fan is not energized, but when it is out in hot weather, simply turn on the fan to the desired speed and the Fan will run until sundown. Ventilating a beehive can reduce heat and humidity and save the bees from so much wing-flapping to cool their indoors down.

When not used as a fan, the Fan Assembly becomes a baffle to limit the negative draft up through the hive. When in use, the Fan Assembly replaces the Upper Screen.

Shipping extra based on Zip Code. Quantity discounts available – call for pricing: 800-598-5949