Langstroth Foundation


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Langstroth Foundation Assembly including: Floor/Anchor, Moat w/Moat Cover, Pedestal w/ (4) Corner Guides and (4) Strap Rings – used with a Langstroth hive with Bottom Board; add (2) Ratchet Straps and it becomes a secure way to keep a Langstroth hive together, even under bear attacks. Add (4) Corner Guards to make a Langstroth hive virtually bear-proof. This Foundation is (4) products in one: Earth Anchor, Hive Anchor, Bear-proofing, Moat w/Cover and Hive Stand.

The Foundation Floor has four 1/2″ holes (one at each corner) that lags go through to anchor the Foundation to a wooden or concrete surface. This way, no bears can flip the hive over, or take it apart. However, without Corner Guards, a bear will chew through the corners of the boxes. With Corner Guards and the Foundation, your Langstroth is virtually bear-proof!

(Image is of prototype; actual Foundation is longer and has four weld-eyes and corner holes for lags.)

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