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It is said that the number one issue responsible for honey bee illness and mortality is the varroa destructor mite. So, they are telling us that the mainstream mite treatments aren’t cutting it. Here’s the list of treatments:

  1. Formic Acid
  2. Oxalic Acid
  3. Hop Beta Acids
  4. Amitraz
  5. Essential Oils (lemongrass, lavender, wintergreen, tea tree, mineral oil, etc.)
  6. Thymol
  7. Other chemical treatments?

With all of these treatments to the vast and ever-expanding varroa problem, why is it that fifty percent of honey bees died in the United States in 2022? If the number one issue is varroa, and there are all of these chemicals available to kill them, then, they aren’t working to kill mites and what they are calling, “viruses”. Suddenly, it’s all about mites and viruses.

None of the aforementioned ‘solutions’ to varroa infestations are able to get ahead of the ever-expanding varroa population in the overall environment.

There is a non-chemical varroa treatment called thermo-therapy, but as beekeepers, we don’t hear much of anything about this safe treatment.

And what about thermo-therapy? Does it work? Is it effective? Why is no professional entity advocating chemical-free mite eradication? Who controls the mite chemical industry, and as importantly, who are the suppliers of these chemicals? That’s what you really need to know. Chemicals cause dependency and resistance, therefore, they are a failing structure and will, eventually, collapse. Are we now seeing the collapse of honey bees?

But that is only the number one problem that is killing honey bees. There is a long list of other issues:

  1. Tracheal Mites
  2. Nosema
  3. Hive Beetles
  4. Wax Moths
  5. Tropilaelaps (mites)
  6. American Foulbrood
  7. European Foulbrood
  8. Chalkbrood
  9. Stonebrood
  10. Acute Bee Paralysis
  11. Israeli Acute Paralysis
  12. Kashmir Bee Virus
  13. Black Queen Cell Virus
  14. Cloudy Wing Virus
  15. Sacbrood Virus
  16. Deformed Wing Virus
  17. Kakugo Virus
  18. Slow Bee Paralysis Virus
  19. Invertebrate Iridescent Virus Type 6
  20. Tobacco Ringspot Virus
  21. Lake Sinai Virus
  22. Dysentery
  23. Chilled Brood
  24. Pesticide Losses
  25. Colony Collapse Disorder

That is the list from Wikipedia. Add to their list, bear attacks, adverse weather, and Electro-Magnetic Radiation, which will never be addressed in the mainstream. If you can’t ward them off with electro-magnetic-radiation/frequency, then electrify them with a fence!

The only mainstream treatments for any of these pathogens are chemicals, or burning the colony alive! Look what Australian government agents are doing to honey bees – dousing them with petrol and lighting them on fire: see here. Really? How is this a solution?

There is not a single treatment for any of these illnesses (not including thermo-therapy) that is holistic, chemical-free and safe for the bees and beekeepers, and the environment.

Chemicals are a giant industry.

There is no money for suppliers of chemicals who advocate chemical-free approaches to the number one pathogen killing varroa mites. Therefore, none sell thermo-therapy systems, and they never will. Then, there are those ‘biologists’ who say they have tested thermo-therapy treatment methods and they “aren’t commercially viable” methods for killing mites. Interesting it is, these same testers of thermo-therapy systems advertise some of the the biggest suppliers of the chemicals! A coincidence? You decide.

Why is there only a few thermo-therapy systems innovators advocating chemical-free treatment? They refuse to go along with the chemical abuse of amazing honey bees, not unlike those who are offended by the factory farms and torture houses called slaughter houses that bring beef and pork to the world. Yes, poisoning honey bees with acidous hive environments is torture – as in, not natural to their system.

Bee Fortress USA, Inc. has created the best thermo-therapy treatment for varroa (hive beetles and wax moths?) eradication yet. And we believe that heat (frequency) treatment can cure many of the listed diseases that kill honey bees and wild bees. The Fortress Beehive and its Varroa Destructor derivative are the best thermo-therapy, chemical-free varroa treatment yet devised.

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