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The Fortress Beehive is the only bear-proof beehive in the world, as far as we know from exhaustive searches on the Internet.

Addressing the obvious right off, we know that the majority of beekeepers with bear problems choose electric fences to cordon off their apiary, for one reason: there has been no other viable ‘solution’ that keeps bears out of a beehive. Bears have a solution to this solution: they dig below the fence and march right into the apiary, not every time, obviously.

Now, there is a 100% solution to bears’ invading beehives that does not involve an electric fence, and it is the Bee Fortress USA, Inc. “Fortress” Beehive. No bear species can possibly get inside the Fortress hive, since the frame boxes are completely shrouded with stainless-steel.

The Fortress Foundation, Vestibule, Roof and Corner Guards are made of eighth inch thick corrosion-proof stainless-steel and the Lock Straps are a quarter inch thick. So bears can’t claw the frame boxes, we have covered them with 20-gauge stainless-steel Side Shields, which are white on one side and black on the other to either attracts the sun’s heat or to repel it.

The Fortress Beehive Foundation can be lagged to a concrete or wooden base with area enough that prevents a bear from tipping it over. Alternatively, a buried concrete anchor can be made so that the Foundation can slip over it, preventing bears from tipping over the hive.

Unless bears quickly evolve with the ability to bite through stainless-steel, the Fortress Beehive will always defend its colony against any bear species. And as long as the Foundation is properly fastened to an earthen base, the Fortress can’t even be knocked over. No matter if it is a thousand-pound Grizzly bear, or a 350-pound black bear, no bear will ever get inside a Fortress Beehive!

Call us if you have any questions: 800-598-5949


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