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A Beehive For Preppers

The Fortress Beehive is truly a veritable Fortress, which is why preppers need to consider owning one, at the least.

Assembled, empty, the Fortress Beehive weighs in at nearly 500 pounds, and when it is locked up with its 4-6 Master Locks, it can’t be carried away. The Fortress has several ways to anchor it to the earth for even greater thief protection.

It is not at all hard to imagine those who did not ‘prepare’ will be scouring the lands looking for food, and if one thinks about it, honey is loaded with carbohydrates and energy-producing sugars, plus it has medicinal properties that could be hard to come by. Those without food will see a honeybee hive as a worthwhile source of food that they are willing to risk being stung just so they can take away some honey-laden comb from inside the hive. While this could be relatively easy to do with a typical Langstroth bee hive, they will likely move on when they come up against the Fortress Beehive.

If you are a prepper – whether you refer to yourself as one, or not – you may need a colony of pollinators to cross-pollinate your food crops, and your wildflower plantings. If so, you will want to protect your investment and order a Fortress Beehive!

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