Hardwood Combination Box (Ventilation/Feeder/Hive Baffle)


The Bee Fortress Combination Box is (3) things in one: Feeder Box; Ventilation Box and Hive Baffle. This box is made of Sapele hardwood, which is very stable in all outdoor weather conditions. With a “rapid feeder”, your bees can be fed liquid, and without a container fondant can be spread out inside the box, as can pollen substitute.

When used as a ventilation box anywhere in the stack, negative draft can flow upwards through the hive. The Upper Screen can be placed atop the Combination Box to keep bees exactly where you want them in the hive stack. With the Combination Box Screen, included, the bees can be kept from entering the Combination box.

When used as a baffle, the Combination Box is placed in the stack atop the highest frame box inhabited by bees. The Upper Screen and the Fan Assembly can be put on any of the unoccupied boxes above the highest frame box that is occupied, and the sum of these devices work to baffle the upward flow of air through the hive.

The Combination Box works in a way that allows the beekeeper to retain a total of (2) Medium and (2) Deep frame boxes in the hive stack even if the bees occupy less than that number of frame boxes. The unoccupied boxes can hold frames, or not. In this way, the colony can always be prevented from swarming – just move the Combination Box up in the stack to allow the colony to occupy another frame box.

Shipping extra based on Zip Code. Quantity discounts available – call for pricing: 800-598-5949